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News and Articles - IT on Demand by Jim Anderson.

Date: October 2004

I attended a two day conference a couple of weeks ago entitled “IT on Demand”.
It seemed to most of the attendees to be another attempt by the hardware and outsourcing suppliers to re-badge facilities management or capacity outsourcing. The success stories presented, all stemmed from the ability to demonstrate an understanding and transparency of service. This transparency, they said, enabled them to quantify and communicate the capacity and cost of their core services and supplement them to meet the peak demand requirements of the business.
While the IT suppliers present said they were ready to meet client’s capacity demands through vast server farms etc, the IT functional managers were saying they still had a long way to go to achieve the level of service understanding and transparency to properly benefit from these services.
While the people I spoke to had generally experienced real difficulty and some failure in gaining the necessary level of transparency of their services and the corresponding business demand drivers. I was in the position to say that we at JPSA had achieved this for a client recently and understood the process sufficiently well to make it a repeatable exercise.
As the integration and understanding of IT and business works closer and closer, I see the area of service delivery transparency for IT as an important aspect of our consultancy going forward. Jim Anderson