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News and Articles - JPSA Risk Mitigation 2008

Date: February 2008

Over the last 15 years at JPSA Consulting we have been assisting our Clients to reduce and manage a variety of their operational risks. Our support to Clients in this area has included working to ensure appropriately skilled resources are deployed, establishing leading edge process automation, and giving assistance with downsizing or outsourcing initiatives to ensure organisations are able to meet the demands of cost controls and market change. Latterly we have been heavily involved in integrating regulatory compliance with procedural changes to support the MiFID directive and also delivering industry standard, effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) procedures to minimise the effects of major operational disruptions.

In 2008 we see an interesting demand for genuine experience, proven advice and robust support being sought in the market. With the changes in regulatory controls and the volatility of many of the markets, clients are asking us to continue to assist in the process improvement and find creative ways to increase productivity, and at the same time reduce costs and increase profitability.

With these requirements in mind we have been looking to ways in which we can work closely with our clients to improve the services we provide through the most effective use of our resources.

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