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Our assignments address a range of activities such as:

Business Management where we frequently help review and/or set-up operational management frameworks and to establish a service culture for organisational functions.

Project Management - Our Project Health checks are designed to ensure projects to deliver on time and budget. We will ensure that planning and control processes are introduced to meet agreed milestones and deliverables.

Cost Management where we have assessed the service delivery capability and established the frameworks for Activity, Portfolio, Technology and Resource Management to gain clarity and governance over the day to day operation, development and finances of an organisation.

We have channeled our hands-on experience into a set of practical approaches and corresponding training material that we believe covers key management principles. We practice, train, coach and consult in all of these areas including:
Strategy deployment; Architecture management; Programme and Project management; Project delivery and Cost and Portfolio management.

A sample of assignments undertaken by JPSA consultants over the last five years includes:

Business Continuity Management (BCM) - the establishment of the Business Continuity Management function within the senior management teams of major investment institutions. This involves the definition of processes and procedures for crisis management and includes the change management required to implement the function.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - the creation of complete business continuity plans. This includes establishing crisis management teams with their functional reporting structures and roles and responsibilities, for a variety of large banking organisations. The projects required the research, definition, implementation and testing of the necessary plans with support facilities to meet the appropriate business time recovery plans for each functional area and global operations.

Cost Transparency and Management - the development and introduction of service delivery reporting from a cost centre driven organisation within a UK based investment bank. This involves the creation of an effective collection and reporting mechanism to ensure clear visibility of drivers, costs, time and effort to provide the services received.

Programme Management - the provision of resource to manage a selection of multi-million pound programmes in a variety of multi-national organisations and sectors. Providing effective governance over the integration of multi-facetted programmes, ensuring the goals and business requirements are met at all levels.

Project Management (Audit or Rescue) - complex projects can run into difficulty for a variety of reasons. JPSA have the experience and resources to help get projects back on track or to recommend a plan of action to ensure agreed milestones are met and deliverables are realistic.

Operational Risk Review - this assignment included the organisational assessment of the operational risks and controls of a global banking organisation. The results of the review included the business organisational and operational changes and proposals for the programmes to deliver.

PMO - the set-up and facilitation of local and global programme offices and appropriate reporting systems. To provide clear reporting procedures and systems that demonstrate progress, manage risks and show the operational achievements of the projects they monitor.

MiFID Reviews - Based on our extensive research into the subject and its impacts we have designed a comprehensive programme that allows organizations to check their readiness for this new legislation and to quickly identify the gaps and hot spots. Our approach is designed to bring the issues facing all areas of a business together into a logical procedural and technology change programme.